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HAUTAU VENTRA® - Fan ventilation

Fan ventilation

VENTRA® window fans - we let windows breathe.


The simple way to ventilate and save energy:
The new compact VENTRA® window fan lets windows breathe and therefore ensures a permanent supply of fresh air for living spaces when windows are closed. This means of protecting against damp via user-independent ventilation prevents mould formation and safeguards occupants well-being. The high level of heat recovery is a defining feature of VENTRA®. The heat exchanger saves energy and ensures a comfortable inlet air temperature. This is an easy means of ventilating and saving energy costs. Integrated in the window reveal, the VENTRA® is almost invisible from inside and outside. The occupants dont hear it because it works whisper-quietly. Straightforward installation and easy operation at the press of a button go without saying. VENTRA® install with the window for immediate ventilation and well-being.

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