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ATRIUM HKS® - tilt & slide


  • for windows and doors made of wood, PVC and aluminium
  • Opening width up to 125 mm
  • Max. sash weight 200 kg (HKS 200Z)
  • Frame clearance 35 mm from underside of bottom track
  • Dimensions (HKS® 200Z) sash rebate width 670 2000 mm / sash rebate height 930 2700 mm
  • Self-locking height adjustment for bogies
  • Large rollers 28 mm

The fittings system for doors and windows is suitable for all commercially available profiles made of wood, PVC or aluminium and guarantees the best possible seal.
An anti-burglar system up to resistance class RC 2 is available on request.
The ATRIUM HKS® enables the elements to be opened in a tilted position or slid parallel to the window frame to save space. Conventional pivoting sashes, by contrast, take up a great deal of space in the room when open. Opening widths up to 4 m are possible.

Thanks to the robust stay and bogie construction, this fitting system can be used for sash heights up to 2700 mm and sash weights up to 200 kg. It therefore meets the architectural requirements for room-high French doors.

Of all the parallel slide and tilt systems on the market, the ATRIUM HKS® 200 is the only one to offer an opening width of up to 125 mm. The fitting is particularly suitable for deep sash profiles and meets the requirements for highly heat-insulating window systems.