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ATRIUM S slide

ATRIUM S slide fitting


  • for sliding windows and doors made of PVC or aluminium
  • Sash weights from 50 to 300 kg

The ATRIUM S 50 and ATRIUM S 120 slide fitting system for lightweight PVC elements with a 16/12 mm groove up to a sash weight of 50 and 120 kg, respectively, can be operated by means of a standard DK handle. Lockable drive gears can be used. The upper striker features an anti-lifting device. The bogie with its ball bearing-mounted roller and a plastic sleeve provides for easy operation.

The big brother ATRIUM S 300 is a slide fitting for elements made of wood, PVC or light metal with brush seals or threshold seals. Bogies with 2 large rollers from the ATRIUM HS® range ensure that the sash, which may weigh up to 300 kg, can be easily slid.

Various drive gear designs, matched to the relevant sash weights, with up to four locking points hold the sash securely in its closed position.

Extremely simple operation a quick turn of the handle unlocks the drive gear, enabling the sash to be slid with minimum effort thanks to the outstanding rollers.