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TORNADO pivot & turn

TORNADO pivot sash fittings


  • for windows made of wood or PVC
  • Simple operation
  • Two-way ventilation
  • Sash weights up to 200 kg

The TORNADO pivot fitting is used to install round and rectangular horizontally pivoting windows up to 200 kg in weight and with a sash width up to 2.35 m and a sash height up to 2.2 m with an unimpeded view through up to 5 m² of glass!

Two-way ventilation: Using the thermal principle, HAUTAU TORNADO ventilates in a particularly energy-saving manner and quickly provides rooms with the optimum amount of fresh air.

The used air is extracted at the top, while fresh air flows in at the bottom.

The complete fitting consists of a proven pivot hinge with an adjustable brake system and a stable, fail-safe central lock.

In terms of its seal, HAUTAU TORNADO can match turn and tilt systems. The system has two seal levels. The thermal separation in the hinge is guaranteed by means of an integrated longitudinal seal, while the additional seals configured on the face above and below the hinge provide a seal against the reversible profiles.