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HAUTAU at BAU 2017

The new Exhibition booth

comfort drive - the symbiosis between slide Technology and automation

BAU 2017 sees Hautau showcasing its services as usual, but with a new, more sharply focused exhibition booth at Stand 300 in Hall B4. As a specialist in slide technology and building automation, the North German window hardware manufacturer offers a more immediate overview of its multi-variant product portfolio with a clear division into two presentation areas. The focus lies on a symbiosis between innovative slide technology and pioneering automation.

With a range meeting all sliding technology requirements, HAUTAU's trade fair presence goes beyond conventional slide fittings with a variety of solutions ranging from the parallel-retract-slide fitting HAUTAU ATRIUM® SP komfort through to lift and slide fitting HAUTAU ATRIUM® HS. Established slide systems meet pioneering building automation on the 150 m2 exhibition stand.

Sliding technology meets automation – the HAUTAU ATRIUM® HS comfort drive
One special highlight presented to visitors is the ATRIUM® HS comfort drive in a concealed design fitted to a barrier-free wood and aluminium panel with low threshold glazing. The large lift and slide panel never fails to impress with its extensive glazing and slim profile.

The ATRIUM® HS comfort drive combines the classic lift and slide fitting with an ultra-modern electric drive. With a new class of motor and intelligent controls, it automatically lifts and slides panels effortlessly with sashes weighing up to 330 kg. The straightforward electric connections and modular design ensure that it also impresses when it comes to processing and installation.

Already showcased at frontale 2016, the surface-mounted version is available from January 2017.

Lift and slide fitting HAUTAU ATRIUM® HS 330 with 10% more power
The new ATRIUM® HS 330 is now able to carry up to 330 kg, 10% more than its predecessor, and can even move up to 400 kg in a tandem configuration. It thus meets the growing demand for larger formats and heavier sashes.

In Munich, this lift and slide fitting is being showcased with its comprehensive range of accessories, such as the espag damper, locking control, the HS comfort close sash retraction system and an espag with a surface-mounted locking bolt.

The ATRIUM® HS 330 is available from January.

Exceptional – the HAUTAU ATRIUM HS ThermoTop® comfort threshold The highly thermally insulated threshold HS ThermoTop® comfort ensures barrier-free access for lift and slide doors. This is where excellent heat insulation values unite with a design honoured by the German Design Award 2017.

The threshold's modular structure ensures it can be very effectively adapted to greater installation depths, thus ensuring it is eminently suitable for optimally heat-insulated profile systems. Heating costs are thus permanently reduced, making savings on bills.

The variety of versions in the ThermoTop® comfort range will be showcased in threshold exhibits with many profiles displayed as a cross section. Visitors will also gain an insight into its innovative material composition.

Total custom fit with HAUTAU ATRIUM® HS complete
It goes without saying that thresholds are trimmed to size, pre-assembled and packed together with all other fitting components, also custom-produced, as a set for the entire ATRIUM® HS lift and slide range. Costs for transport, fitting and warehousing are reduced.

The range of possibilities from the entire HS system will be exhibited on additional feature walls. Slide mechanism variants and espags are on display for the whole range, suitable for both light and heavy sash weights. Each espag can be combined with any slide mechanism. The modular structure ensures great flexibility for a variety of different requirements.

The "Accessories" feature wall showcases the whole diversity of supplementary items such as the HS espag damper which controls handle operation, comfort close for gentle deceleration and the safety stop for greater safety.

Parallel-retract-slide fitting HAUTAU ATRIUM® SP Komfort
The parallel-retract-slide fitting HAUTAU ATRIUM® SP komfort, the pioneering innovation from HAUTAU, excels thanks to its unique soft-close mechanism and its secure night vent. Its intuitive operation reliably prevents incorrect handling. The integrated, surround night vent provides steady, natural, draught-free basic ventilation and helps to prevent mould formation. Burglar resistance tests to resistance classes RC1 and RC2 as per EN 1627:2011 have now also been carried out on the ATRIUM SP® komfort for wood and composite window panels. The test findings confirms compliance with RC2 requirements as specified in EN 1627:2011, even for the night vent thanks to the use of additional security lock components. The ATRIUM® SP komfort is SKG-certified, meaning that rooms can be conveniently ventilated when occupants are absent and burglars will find it impossible to gain entry.

HAUTAU Primat kompakt 195 as a best-practice example
The electric fanlight opener PRIMAT kompakt 195 now also includes comfort drive technology. Its effective power, despite its small size, its whisper-quiet presence and smooth-running performance make it a pleasing additional component for many areas of use. The application is showcased as implemented in a project within the area surrounding Zurich airport, where this whisper-quiet fanlight opener is installed as part of noise control measures. Combined with a timer, the electrified version protects inhabitants against aircraft noise with needs-based, low-noise opening and closing, which ensures quiet and restful sleep.

Different parameters such as opening width or speed can be set using the config tool on a smartphone or tablet PC.

HAUTAU building automation – operation and configuration via WLAN
HAUTAU presents integral solutions in building automation with smart buildings as the by-words for this display.

Time-tested solutions for opening and closing windows are combined with new solutions using WLAN while the smartphone and tablet PC become central control units. An app is available for all Android and Apple iOS users to provide simple operation and configuration for all devices fetauring the HAUTAU interface. The new drive generation with its comfort drive technology is suitable for use in public buildings and in private homes. It is synonymous with low-noise operation and comfortable, convenient handling.

HAUTAU VENTRA® lets windows breathe whenever you want
As announced at frontale last year, the VENTRA® window fan is now available for operation using a smartphone or tablet PC. Technology fans can use the network functions to permanently supply their living spaces with fresh air when windows are closed. The built-in heat exchanger saves energy and ensures a comfortable inlet air temperature. Integrated in the window reveal, the VENTRA® is almost invisible from the inside and outside. It is also suitable for noise-sensitive areas thanks to its adjustable ventilation levels. It goes without saying that this fan is easy for the window manufacturer to install with a new window. It is simple to operate manually at the press of a button.

In addition to the Hautau Komfort solutions for a pleasant indoor climate, the North German family firm will also be revealing its expertise in smoke and heat extraction. The time-tested RAZ K stairway control panel offers all the basic functions available on a modern SHEV control panel, including the certificates for safe, permanent operation required in the EN 12101 set of standards. The standardised HAUTAU interface now allows parametrisation for ventilation mode using a smartphone or tablet PC while also providing a connection to the HAUTAU Smart Building world.

Simply project and plan
The HAUTAU drive calculator ensures reliable planning when dimensioning drive solutions. This project planning tool can be used on any Internet browser, irrespective of the platform, and offers the perfect individual drive solution once specific information has been entered for the window concerned. A bill-of-quantities generator helps to produce professional bills of quantities for use as an integral part of RFP documents.

Visitors can try out the project and design tools at a software workstation on the HAUTAU exhibition stand, where the new 2107 catalogue is also available for anyone who wishes to take a look at the whole range of HAUTAU building automation products. The print version is, of course, also available in addition to the app for Android and iOS.