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Parallel-slide-fitting HAUTAU ATRIUM SP® comfort - Comfort knows no compromises

Parallel-slide-fitting HAUTAU ATRIUM SP® comfort - Comfort knows no compromises
With the HAUTAU ATRIUM SP® comfort fabricators and users believe in the original. Groundbreaking technology with comfort convinced since its launch in 2012 by easy operation and high quality. The success is no unreasonable. HAUTAU knows how sliding is achieved, in fact for more than 35 years. The parallel-slide-fitting ATRIUM SP® comfort for modern and future-oriented sliding windows represents valuable longevity. The comfortable and easy operation offers even more comfort and security, convinces in buildings with changing users and several generations.
The unique soft close mechanism - easy operation for every user
The innovative soft close mechanism provides an intuitive opening and closing of heavy parallel sliding elements with all materials of up to 200 kg. The expended energy is stored and used to pull the sash automatically back into the frame after it has been closed by hand. A damper allows opening and closing the sash smoothly and noiselessly.
Vent function - natural and safe ventilation for healthier living climate
Turning the handle 180° will set down the sash approx. 6 mm parallel to the frame. The all-around night ventilation allows a natural ventilation and is not visible from outside. When set to this position, the window will remain secured by the locking system. If desired, this function is available for timber and PVC elements in the resistance class RC2. A large community of processors use the fitting which is suitable for all profiles. The easy installation and the large variety of aesthetically pleasing design options convince. The successful market acceptance among users speaks for itself. The simple and convenient operation for all users and the high quality inspire. Parallel-slide-fitting HAUTAU ATRIUM SP® ensures easy and safe opening and closing for as long as you own your window! Simply slide better. HAUTAU.