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HAUTAU ATRIUM comfort solutions

Equipment option plus for lift and slide elements – experience comfort!


Surprisingly nifty: Details that will make you jump for joy … HAUTAU ATRIUM HS® is the product line that breaks new ground for lift and slide systems with its technical innovation.

HAUTAU ATRIUM comfort close: closing with perfect ease and convenience

An automatic sash retraction system for lift and slide or sliding systems of all materials and with a weight of up to 300 kg - ATRIUM comfort close

HAUTAU ATRIUM safety stop: active and reliable slowing down
An active braking system designed for sliding as well as lift and slide systems of all materials and with a sash weight of up to 400 kgATRIUM safety stop

Hidden details for high-end comfort in the HAUTAU ATRIUM HS product line

HAUTAU ATRUM HS® gear damper: controlled and smooth operation
It allows for more effortless operation at the handle and supports the handle in sliding back in a controlled manner. - HS® gear damper

Threshold HAUTAU HS ThermoTop®
the ideal threshold for elements made of timber or PVC. It provides the best possible isothermal gradients both on the sliding sash and the fixed part. Extremely high Uf values: 1.29 W/m²K (fixed sash) and 1.43 W/m²K (sliding sash) prevent condensation from forming (up to an exterior temperature of -15°C). The timber-PVC composite material minimises linear expansion.