Breathing freely in schools and day care centres

The HAUTAU MS multi-sensor for the optimum learning environment

The requirements for air quality in schools, day care centres and similar buildings are high. This is because many people are confined to a restricted space in these places for hours at a time. Correct ventilation is key for a healthy indoor climate in such buildings. The HAUTAU MS multi-sensor ensures this is the case.

During lessons, many people remain in a closed room for substantial periods of time. Body heat, lighting, computers and direct sunlight cause the room temperature to rise steadily. Over the summer months, the building itself also heats up and transmits heat into the building interior. The CO2 concentration and humidity caused by breathing and perspiration progressively increase. Dusts, harmful substances and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are discharged and accumulate, creating an environment where germs thrive.

This all leads to headaches, fatigue, poor concentration and greater susceptibility to colds or viral infections from aerosols for students and their teachers. The high humidity is not extracted as required, thus fostering mould growth and other damage to the building.

With normal room occupancy, air must be renewed several times per hour to expel the carbon dioxide produced from the indoor air to the extent required. Numerous scientific studies prove that the ability to concentrate and take in knowledge decreases significantly when the level of carbon dioxide in classrooms exceeds 1,000 parts per million (ppm).

In an ideal situation, the relative humidity is between 40 and 60% and the room temperature between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius.

Controlled natural ventilation
If windows are opened by hand, germs, bacteria and viruses can be spread by touch. Automated window drives which are operated contactlessly provide greater convenience and safety for users.

Drives are controlled via the HAUTAU MS multi-sensor, which ensures that pre-set parameters are respected. It dependably monitors the room temperature, relative humidity and the carbon dioxide content in indoor air and regulates window opening and closing sequences when limit values are exceeded. Switching thresholds can be adjusted to individual needs at any time using the convenient buttons integrated into the device. The digital indicator lights provide information on the current air hygiene status.

Regular, user-independent forced ventilation through electrically operated windows reliably ensures fast, effective air renewal without the need for human intervention. This is achieved thanks to the many possible combinations of HAUTAU window automation products to create complete solutions.

Teachers can also use ventilation buttons to operate the system themselves or can open or close the windows manually. Wind and rain detectors can be connected as an option. These automatically close windows to protect the building in the event of wind or rain.

The multi-sensor technology not only provides connection to HAUTAU SHEV and ventilation systems, but also to all control systems with a 24 V ventilation push-button input, regardless of the system type. This saves costs by dispensing with an additional ventilation button. Existing systems without automatic room climate control can be easily retrofitted with the HAUTAU Multi-sensor.

The climate monitor thus ensures an ideal room climate, especially in heavily used rooms in places such as schools or day care centres. It thus lays the foundations for efficient learning, health and well-being. Optimised demand-based ventilation also saves valuable heating energy, thus protecting the environment.


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Breathing freely in schools and day care centres

The HAUTAU MS multi-sensor for the optimum learning environment

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