HAUTAU at Fensterbau Frontale 2020

Superior window technology meets ingenious automation

Fensterbau Frontale 2020 sees the German fitting hardware manufacturer presenting pioneering, ingenious new developments yet again. In addition to its established fitting solutions, Hautau will be showcasing its current new products at the leading international trade fair for windows, doors and façades. Touching and understanding, that is expressly desired at the stand. The HAUTAU trade fair team will be awaiting its visitors in a space measuring more than 400 square metres at Stand 113 in Hall 4.

The highlight among the new items on the HAUTAU stand is unquestionably the HAUTAU ATRIUM® MOVE for PVC. This parallel-retract-slide fitting moves window sashes smoothly and effortlessly, even carrying sashes up to 250 kg in its tandem version. The entire sash is placed in position along its axis and drawn into the frame seal level in a synchronised movement. The central locking gear positions the sash using the locking parts’ slide guide while the linear ball bearings on the hardened axle ensure that the slide mechanisms are easy to operate and run at all teams. The fully concealed integrated interlocking system ensures firm impermeability. The ATRIUM® Move’s easy-installation processing and simple operation makes it suitable for universal use on an international level. Now also available for PVC windows in addition to aluminium.

The invisible made visible
The new technology can also be seen on a demonstration bench alongside the ATRIUM® HS Lift & Slide fitting. Visitors to the bench will find fitting parts visible which they can touch and hold on both functioning panels. The exhibit clearly demonstrates the interaction between the individual components during opening and closing.

ATRIUM® HS inviso M: the fitting with attraction
HAUTAU presents the ATRIUM® HS inviso M as a further innovation. Discreet locking parts, flush finishes and unhindered passage with no intrusive fitting parts are what make this innovative locking mechanism stand out. The fully concealed locking mechanism with magnetic locking bolt extension ensures a clear passage without locking components obstructing the way when lift and slide panels are open. Steel mushroom pins ensure maximum security.

Fitting meets automation – open, window
One item which will catch the eye on the HAUTAU stand is the ATRIUM® HS comfort drive in a large wood-aluminium corner panel with threshold glazing. This concealed lift-slide drive moves the double-leaf French doors in a Scheme C version in a free-standing structure. Equipped with intelligent controls, the fitting solution automatically lifts and slides panels effortlessly with sashes able to weigh up to 330 kg. Single-button operation is being shown here for the first time, which makes it possible to use any commercially available push-button in a push-button box. An integrated anti-trap guard ensures users can operate the French door safely. If an obstacle gets in the way, operation is stopped immediately, thus preventing hazardous situations. It may feature high-performance drives, but the comfort drive technology delivers whisper-quiet, smooth operation.

Fresh air made ingeniously simple
HAUTAU is introducing ventilation solutions for smart homes in cooperation with partner mediola®. This flexible home control and automation system interconnects numerous components by different manufacturers in a joint controller via a standardised user interface. mediola® controls and automates building services across brands via smartphones, tablets, PCs or, extremely conveniently, voice command.

Visitors to Nuremberg will experience VENTRA® window fan voice control via Amazon Alexa and convenient operation via a user-centred interface for smartphones and tablets.

VENTRA® lets windows breathe, providing a permanent fresh air supply to living spaces when windows are closed. Replacing humid, used room air with dry outdoor air reliably prevents moisture damage, thus protecting health and the building fabric. A single device controls supply and exhaust air during this process. The integrated heat exchanger ensures a pleasant inlet air temperature and saves energy. The new VENTRA® generation features an implemented humidity sensor, which detects needs precisely. When air humidity exceeds 40%, VENTRA® automatically increases the air renewal rate without any human intervention. It switches back to whisper-quiet mode once the optimum humidity level has been reached.

Intelligence on windows
Home automation with Mediola®Gateways is also used to operate the Primat S kompakt 195 fanlight drive in the façade element at the 2020 trade fair. Despite its compact dimensions, the intelligent solution for fanlights delivers a great deal of power and whisper-quiet, smooth-running operation and is a reliable companion for many areas of uses. Different parameters such as opening width or speed can be set on a smartphone or tablet. The MACO mTronic gives feedback on the window’s status. The MACO EnOcean wireless locking control is positioned directly on the window, providing direct window monitoring. An integrated radio contact signals to the ventilation control and/or the connected building control system whether the window is open or closed. The wireless transmitter is integrated into the smartphone or tablet interface via the mediola® gateway on the HAUTAU exhibition stand.

Professional structural mount
Two further exhibits present the adapted versions of the ATRIUM® ThermoTop threshold for a flush structural mount. The cross-section exhibit spotlights the complex connection between threshold, frame and building structure in two variants flush with the masonry. Different structural conditions result, depending on the external wall system and the installation type. In Nuremberg, a brick section and a thermal insulation composite system show how a lift-slide door provides an optimal seal with the ATRIUM® HS ThermoTop threshold and a suitable drainage system.

The specialist in sliding technology and window automation has much to offer for Fensterbau Frontale. “We see ourselves as partners and a driving force for ultra-modern fitting solutions. We’d like to offer all visitors an informative insight into our HAUTAU product world with the variety of products presented on our stand consisting of both new and established products,” states Frank Jedamski, Sales Director, on announcing the trade fair appearance.



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