HAUTAU ventilation controller LSF 24/LSF 230

Convenient ventilation management for an ideal indoor climate

Combined with electromotive drives, the compact HAUTAU ventilation controllers LSF 24/LSF 230 automate the opening and closing of windows to meet needs based on time, temperature, air humidity and weather conditions. They thus provide ideal maximum convenience for automatic ventilation, allowing users to enjoy an inviting, energy-balanced living climate at all times.

An optimum indoor climate has a positive effect on our productivity and quality of life. Regular, proper air renewal helps to preserve health and protects the building fabric. Yet it is not that easy to air indoor spaces correctly. All the better then if the whole system is automatic and needs-driven, so users can leave the technology to get on with the task.

What can the ventilation controllers do?
HAUTAU ventilation controllers are suitable for operating both 24 V and 230 V drives. A button, smartphone, wireless connection or auto-adaptive infrared remote control is used to operate electric chain drives, fanlight openers and other mechanisms regardless of the window type such as a rooflights, fanlight or turn, tilt or pivoted windows. Factors such as the actual air quality, air humidity, weather or time of day are not taken into account in this case. If the system is upgraded to include a wind and rain sensor, hygrostat, thermostat or time module, users have a fully automatic ventilation solution. The automated air renewal function helps users – windows close automatically in the event of rain or wind or they open if the desired temperature or air humidity is exceeded indoors. However, attention is always centred on people and their individual habits when it comes to ventilation. In addition to controlled natural ventilation (CNV), forced airings can also be configured with freely selectable intervals between airings.

The running times for drives can be used to configure the stroke width limitation on an individual basis to avoid unpleasant draughts. This also prevents bothersome collisions with any obstacles, such as masonry or railings.

Foolproof ventilation scenario setting
There is no need to use any software or hardware. Users select all parameters themselves. They can also programme the different scenarios, such as ventilation times and cycles or variable opening widths. Operation is incredibly easy. Configuration is completed using the practical menu navigation on a 7-segment display, similar to the displays used on conventional pocket calculators or digital watches.

The ventilation controller’s compact dimensions make it ideal for problematic structural layouts, offering users plenty of flexibility when fitting the device. As a flush-mounted component, it is almost completely hidden from sight with only the operating control visible.

You will find more information, installation instructions and a video explaining its use here on the HAUTAU website. You can also see the video on YouTube.


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