HAUTAU welcomes you to its virtual exhibition stand

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Following the cancellation of its participation in the Fensterbau Frontale trade fair in Nuremberg, the hardware manufacturer is now presenting its innovations and technologies on a virtual exhibition stand. Optimised for Edge, Chrome and Firefox browsers, the 360-degree tour can be accessed on the HAUTAU website at any time. Product PDFs, links to corresponding pages on the HAUTAU website and informative product videos for the individual exhibits have also been added.

Time-tested hardware solutions and ingenious, pioneering, newly developed products await prospective customers in the virtual trade fair presentation. You can start your visit to the HAUTAU GmbH trade fair stand here. Simply click on the info desk to receive a short introduction and welcome.

The highlight among the new products is unquestionably the HAUTAU ATRIUM® MOVE for PVC. This parallel-retract-slide fitting moves window sashes smoothly and effortlessly, even bearing sashes up to 250 kg in its tandem version. The entire sash is placed into position along its axis and drawn into the frame seal level in a synchronised movement. The central locking gear positions the sash using the locking parts’ slide guide while linear ball bearings on the hardened axle ensure that slide mechanisms are easy to operate and move at all times. The fully concealed integrated interlocking system achieves an effective, impermeable seal. ATRIUM® Move’s easy-installation processing and simple operation makes it suitable for universal use on an international level. Now also available for PVC windows in addition to aluminium.

ATRIUM® HS inviso M: the fitting with attraction

HAUTAU presents the ATRIUM® HS inviso M as a further innovation. Discreet locking parts, flush finishes and unhindered passage with no intrusive fitting parts are what make this innovative locking mechanism stand out. The fully concealed locking mechanism with magnetic locking bolt extension ensures a clear passage with no locking components causing obstruction when lift and slide panels are open. Steel mushroom pins ensure maximum security.

Fitting meets automation – open, window

One item guaranteed to catch the eye is the ATRIUM® HS comfort drive in a large wood-aluminium corner panel with threshold glazing. This concealed lift-slide drive moves double-leaf French doors in a Scheme C version in a free-standing structure. Equipped with intelligent controls, the fitting solution automatically lifts and slides panels effortlessly with sashes weighing up to 330 kg. Single-button operation is being shown here for the first time, which allows use of any standard push-button in a push-button box. An integrated anti-trap guard ensures users can handle the French door safely. If an obstacle gets in the way, movement is stopped immediately, thus preventing hazardous situations. The comfort drive technology also delivers whisper-quiet, smooth operation, even though it features high-performance drives.

But this is not all by any means. The sliding technology and window automation specialist had much to offer for Fensterbau Frontale. This is what we would now like to showcase to our customers, despite the current situation. “We see ourselves as partners and a driving force for ultra-modern fitting solutions. We’d like to offer all visitors an informative insight into our HAUTAU product world with the variety of products on our online stand consisting of both new and established products,” states Frank Jedamski, Sales Director, announcing the virtual trade fair appearance.

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