Infrared, radio or WLAN

Operate window panels remotely

Remote control has long been a standard method for locking and opening vehicles. We also operate our televisions, DVD players, stereo systems and many other appliances by remote control, so why not windows and patio doors? There are many options available. HAUTAU solutions for opening and closing window panels can be operated by radio, infrared or wireless LAN technology.

With its systems, HAUTAU offers a wide range of options to operate electric window drives and also includes comprehensive consultation and customer-oriented service. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, HAUTAU controls ensure optimum convenience and maximum flexibility irrespective of the window type, whether it be a turn, tilt or horizontally pivoted sash window, a dormer, skylight or other type. Individually configured to suit each particular living situation, the ventilation concepts are wide-ranging – from individual solutions to cascaded systems.

What can these electronic assistants do?
An appropriate remote control offers a convenient means of opening and closing motorised windows and patio doors with ease. Practical outer cases with few buttons are limited to key functions and can operate one or more windows at the same time. When it transmits commands from receiver to receiver, this simple window controller becomes a group or central control. A hand-held transmitter is extremely practical to provide ventilation in inaccessible places. Windows located at greater distances can also be easily reached. Yet there are many other advantages. Ventilate at the touch of a button and continue working uninterrupted without leaving your desk. You will never need to climb onto shaky chairs or get up from a comfortable sofa ever again to attain the perfect feel-good indoor climate. No more extra effort to check that windows are properly closed. These convenience functions make everyday life far easier not only for people with limited mobility. Installation is easy, whether in new or existing buildings. The technology can be effortlessly integrated anywhere.

Opening windows with infrared (IR)
Linked to the HAUTAU LSF 24/LSF 230 ventilation controls, the infrared remote control operates electric chain drives, fanlight openers and similar as part of a ventilation group. At the press of a button, the standard transmission technology emits a light signal invisible to the human eye, which is picked up by a sensor on the destination device, thus triggering the required function. Infrared remote control is auto-adaptive. Communication between the transmitter (remote control) and receiver must not be interrupted by walls or ceilings, so there must be a clear line of sight.

Radio-controlled fresh air
Radio signal transmission controls HAUTAU's electric motor drives effortlessly and conveniently. An additional motor control module is required to regulate the 24 V drives. The compact 4-channel remote control is available with an optionally integrated timer function and is used for timed and manual activation of radio receivers and/or wireless receivers combined with wall transmitters. The hand-held transmitter offers both individual and group control for all four channels. Different programs can be assigned to open and close the window panels. The hand-held transmitter can be taught to contact any number of drives containing radio receivers.

Radio remote controls do not rely on there being a clear line of sight to receivers. The corresponding 1-channel radio receiver actuates the 230 V drives to provide convenient opening and closing of windows. The receiver’s case dimensions are designed so that it can be installed in a flush box and blend harmoniously into the home.

Ventilation via WLAN
A smartphone or tablet can also be easily turned into a remote control, operating via the HAUTAU WLAN Box to provide integrated intelligent HAUTAU drive solutions, such as sliding and lift-slide drives, fanlight openers, chain drives and locking drives.

An app is available for all Android and Apple iOS users to provide convenient operation and optional configuration for any device containing the HAUTAU interface. The WLAN Box can be used to control up to 31 devices. The existing WLAN router on site is integrated into the system to provide remote control. WPA encryption (Wi-Fi protected access) guarantees secure operation without the risk of interference from third parties. The mobile end device becomes a control centre thanks to the config tool. It acts as a control and configuration interface to open and close windows or sliding panels and adjust network parameters and lifting speeds. This provides the convenience of operating everything remotely on your smartphone or tablet. HAUTAU WLAN bus technology also allows integration into higher-level building control systems and even complete networks.

The HAUTAU Window Automation catalogue presents the different solutions available for wireless communication, providing numerous examples of use and making order placement easier by clearly listing the individual components. Technical data are summarised in a table to provide a better overview. The catalogue is available for download at


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Infrared, radio or WLAN

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