New showroom - MACO HAUTAU World opens in Helpsen

On two floors and over 500 square meters, MACO HAUTAU World presents a full range of window, door and sliding hardware as well as automation. It offers customers and partners an experiential journey through the hardware diversity of the MACO Group.

MACO HAUTAU World shows what has grown together in recent years: concentrated competence of the window and door manufacturer, paired with the expertise of the sliding and automation expert. As a full-range supplier, the MACO Group presents everything under one roof in Helpsen. Customers can draw from the full range for their projects. But more than that: "We want to match our customers' needs and the market requirements in a regular exchange with them and include them in our developments. This is how we ensure sustainable success for both sides," says Klaus Bichler, Managing Director Sales & Marketing of the MACO Group.

Making customer benefits tangible
"Real installation situations on windows and sliding doors/doors invite customers to try them out and provide them with tangible benefits for their sales arguments. Ease of operation, design, acoustics and much more must be heard, seen and felt. They make in the installation as well as in the daily use the fine difference and the customer use noticeably , explain Fekke van Dijk, managing director of the MACO HAUTAU Germany GmbH.

The MACO HAUTAU World shines in the PIZ.
"We can present our training courses and services even more vividly at the many new exhibits," Frank Jedamski, Managing Director of MACO HAUTAU Deutschland GmbH and HAUTAU GmbH, is pleased to say. The new MACO HAUTAU World in the PIZ (Test and Innovation Center) presents the entire product portfolio of the MACO Group; it is independent of trade fairs for sales and can be used at any time to meet specific customer needs.

The concept
To see there are the newest highlights of the power spectrum, just like proven solutions and innumerable possibilities in puncto auxiliary equipment. Everything has been thought of, from fittings to building connections and efficient building envelopes. Here it becomes clear how modular and customer-specific fabricators can manufacture.

The exhibition
The light-flooded and generously designed exhibition is informative, modern and inspiring. MACO HAUTAU World shows the product diversity divided into themed islands such as sliding elements, windows/automation and door technology. Convenience, accessibility, burglar resistance, materials and surface technology will be introduced as overarching themes. A detailed overview is provided by the Innovation Book, an accompanying booklet that describes the individual exhibits in detail.

Experience the MACO HAUTAU World

The sliding world
The entire range from basic to premium, from mechanical to motorized solutions in various materials can be seen in the Sliding World.

Sliding/tilt solutions
In the entrance area, the Move stop fitting is on display in various installation situations. The system with central locking and MACO's Multi-Matic fitting stands with its continuous locking technology for high tightness and great sliding comfort with changing operators. Other sliding solutions include the SP comfort stop sliding hardware in an aluminum element, which impresses with its comfort soft retraction with gap ventilation. This is joined by the HKS comfort tilt-slide solution. The modularly expandable comfort solution offers parallel sliding and tilting of the window sash with damped end positions.

Lift and slide solutions
The InfinityView lift-slide system and lift-slide solutions in various designs will be presented on the second floor. InfinityView creates infinite views - without beams in the eye: the sash frame is only 50 millimeters wide. The system enables large glass fronts in materials that would otherwise reach their limits at this size. This is ensured by the glass-fiber-reinforced plastic core, which is clad with wood on the inside and aluminum on the outside. The revolutionary modular system also plays a leading role in terms of comfort: True accessibility through a running rail recessed into the floor as well as motorization create an outstanding living feeling.

Special components for special sliding equipment
A special eye-catcher is the HS comfort drive in a large wood/aluminum corner element with threshold glazing. At the touch of a button, the concealed lift-and-slide drive moves the double-leaf French doors in Scheme C as if by magic, and does so absolutely quietly. Integrated anti-trap protection ensures safety when handling the sliding door.

Sophisticated window technology meets clever automation
Whether Smart Home or Smart Building: In the area of automation, MACO HAUTAU World is showing one of the most comprehensive ranges in the industry: user-oriented technologies range from various motorized solutions for barrier-free opening to sensor technology for window monitoring or energy-efficient ventilation.

These include the E-fitting, the SKA 20 chain drive or the PRIMAT fanlight opener, which open and close windows at the push of a button and stand for accessibility, safety and comfort. With a uniform user interface, these are easily controlled via smartphone, tablet, PC or by voice.

In terms of sensor technology, the mTronic as well as the eTronic in the window rebate provide information about the status of a window element. An integrated radio contact signals to the ventilation control system and/or the connected building management system whether the window is closed or open. mTronic also monitors tilted windows.

In addition to comfort solutions for a good indoor climate, MACO and HAUTAU will also be presenting their expertise in the smoke and heat extraction segment. The SHEV control panels can be expanded to include a wide range of ventilation functions. The setting as well as operation are possible via smartphone or tablet in combination with the WLAN box. The SHEV solution can be tested live in combination with the SBS comfort drive electric hardware scissors. With a large opening width, it automatically ensures smoke extraction from the escape routes.

Complete and sophisticated door lock portfolio
The door area of the showroom impresses with an attractive selection of highly flexible door lock variants that lock front doors automatically or by motor. The latest innovation is the fully electronic INSTINCT locking system - without any locking cylinder or key at all. This revolutionary solution is installed in a front door made of wood as well as plastic. The lock with horse-head-shaped locking mechanism locks in the direction of door movement, ensures extremely high contact pressure and locks and unlocks the door particularly quickly and quietly. INSTINCT locks mechanically-automatically as standard and uses the door's mass for secure contact pressure. The associated INSTINCT mobile app guarantees maximum ease of use. This makes it easy to control who is granted access. Access authorizations can be defined easily and individually for each person, one-time access even spontaneously while on the move.

Automatic and motorized locks
Their advantages are worth a visit to MACO HAUTAU World. The A-TS automatic lock combines perfect locking technology with versatile opening options. Once closed, it is automatically locked in three places: by two hooks and the locking bolt. The key is only needed to close from the inside, so that children or pets do not go wandering. As with the motorized lock, the separation of contact pressure and locking is a clever feature: The 3-latch technology first generates high contact pressure over the entire door height before locking. Closing is thus even more precise, secure and quiet, and says goodbye to door warpage, drafts, moisture and heat loss. The 3-latch technology of the M-TS motorized lock offers particular advantages. It ensures a perfect hold and high closing force before the motor comes into action and locks. This means that a door with the electromechanical M-TS lock is unlocked in just 0.3 seconds and is much quieter in operation. By key, the M-TS can always be opened with just one turn of the key.

The door area of the showroom impresses with an attractive selection of hoc
access solutions
The modern front door is increasingly being opened by access solutions such as finger scan, day release or smartphone. For these diverse opening scenarios, the A-TS with motor to supplement or the M-TS motor lock is essential.

From the fitting to the building connection
The building connection is particularly evident in the threshold exhibits. Thanks to its modular design, the highly insulating ThermoTop® comfort floor threshold can be adapted very well to large building depths and is thus ideally suited for highly insulating profile systems. The wide range of ThermoTop® comfort variants is shown on a display area with threshold samples and with many profiles in cross-section. The viewer gets an insight into the innovative material composition.

Fascination surface technology
A theme wall on surface technology provides information on the latest possibilities in coating processes: Here, all details on the premium surface Tricoat-Evo as well as Silverlook-Evo are available.



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