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The new HAUTAU VENTRA® window fan

Intelligent humidity control

The new VENTRA® window fan from HAUTAU is available now. It provides healthy air exchange twenty-four hours a day, now doing so automatically. The integrated humidity sensor measures air humidity and reliably controls ventilation of interior spaces to ensure a healthy indoor climate unaided.

Home ventilation requirements have increased. Today's building envelopes are so air-tight that heat is retained in rooms to save energy and reduce heating costs. However, this means any moisture produced indoors is not channelled to the outside. Air humidity quickly increases in places where people are present, whether in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or meeting rooms. Air humidity must be discharged according to need with no intervention from users as per DIN 1946-6, even when occupants are absent.

The VENTRA® self-regulating ventilation solution
VENTRA® lets windows breathe, providing a permanent fresh air supply to living spaces when windows are closed. This prevents mould formation and ensures well-being and quality of living. Replacing humid, used room air with dry outdoor air reliably prevents moisture damage, thus protecting health and the building fabric. A single device controls supply and exhaust air during this process.

The new VENTRA® generation features an implemented humidity sensor, which detects needs precisely. When air humidity exceeds 40%, VENTRA® automatically increases the air renewal rate without any human intervention. It switches back to whisper-quiet mode once the optimum humidity level has been reached.

If the pressure difference is too great due to strong winds, VENTRA® automatically reduces the inflow, thus preventing the unpleasant sensation of cold supply air. The integrated heat exchanger also ensures an agreeable inlet air temperature. With a heat recovery rate of over 86%, savings are made on expensive heat energy. In contrast to VENTRA®, uncontrolled, permanent or short, intense ventilation causes significant energy losses.

VENTRA® can also be operated manually and intuitively, yet does not feature complicated user interfaces. The air volume flow can be regulated between four levels with the fan easy and convenient to use for both young and old occupants. The window's burglary protection and water tightness are preserved. The excellent acoustic properties are ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas, such as bedrooms, children's rooms, offices and conference rooms.

Smart home with VENTRA®
When combined with the HAUTAU LAN module, VENTRA® provides an intelligent window fan which can be perfectly integrated into higher-level building control systems, such as the KNX bus system. The HAUTAU WLAN box transforms smartphones and tablets into a central control panel. The complimentary Android and iOS ConfigTool app serves as a user and configuration interface to adjust to the required ventilation level.

The flexible mediola® home control and automation system interconnects numerous components by different manufacturers in a joint controller with a standardised user interface. VENTRA® is easy to operate with the cross-system app via the HAUTAU WLAN box. You can use a smartphone, tablet or PC to switch VENTRA® on and off or change the ventilation level, transforming your home or office building into a centrally operated smart home or smart building. You can’t get much easier than this.

Only fresh air gets in, nothing else
VENTRA® provides continuous fresh air in-feed and reliable protection against damp without needing to open windows. This ensures distracting exterior noise, dust and insects remain outside and pollen can’t get in either. The optional pollen filter makes the ventilation manager eminently suitable for people with allergies. It is incredibly easy to change the filter.

Installation and retrofit by specialist
Profile-neutral and usable with all materials, the VENTRA® can be flexibly combined with all profile systems made of wood, PVC or aluminium and with standard roller shutter types. Window fitters can install the fan with no additional skills or qualification required. As you would expect, users who have the preceding model can upgrade and have specialists retrofit the new VENTRA® with its humidity sensor at any time.

Sophisticated design
Thanks to its compact design and concealed installation, the VENTRA® does not alter or detract from the building's appearance or architecture. The window fan also blends into the window’s overall appearance on the inside since it is hidden in the side jamb section. The only components visible are the elegant panel with control buttons and two ventilation grilles plus the LEDs which show the operation levels. This decentralised ventilation solution does not require any additional pipe systems and discreetly provides fresh air with compact, precise technology.


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