Drives 24 V

Chain drives 300N/2x300N

Slim drive to use smoke exhaust units and day-to-day ventilation for windows in façades and roofs.

  • Universal drive for required opening widths up to 810 mm
  • Compressive and traction forces up to 300 N
  • Slim housing
  • Drive with low installation depth
  • Available in a master/slave design at 2 x 300 N (600 N)
  • External parts corrosion-free
  • 24 V chain drive for natural ventilation and smoke and heat exhaust (SHE)
  • universal chain drive for window and facade elements, skylights and skylight domes
  • the slim drive housing and the low installation depth take up little space on the window
  • SKA 30 Master / Slave: for forming a synchronous run set (Master/Slave) and for use on wide windows or heavy window sashes