Electric drive

comfort drive

For slide- and lift & slide-elements!

The term “comfort drive“ serves as a heading for a collection of functions and / or technologies in drives. ...read more

Integration of HAUTAU network capability
networking several drives with one another, formation of synchronous drive sets for several drives at one window, possibilities of setting with the HAUTAU ConfigTool, reading out of operating conditions with the HAUTAU Config-Tool

Integration of self-detection
factory settings as a “single” drive, thus immediately usable, synchronous drive sets are detected automatically, automatic detection of associated lockings, no software or ConfigTool required

Quiet operating noise
quiet, particularly at low speeds

Integration of a synchronous operation
direct coupling of several drives at a window, no additional modules required (synchronous or tandem module), monitoring of the drives on the network function


Integration of electronic control
constant speed at different loads, ability to preset other speeds


Configuration via mobile device
configuration and operation by means of smartphone / tablet, wireless transmission via WLAN, the application (app) HAUTAU ConfigTool for all products with, HAUTAU bus interface

The following drives and locks offering comfort drive functions, for details  please note the respective assembly instruction: