Intended for installation and service contractors, the ConfigBox in combination with the ConfigTool offers a quick and easy way to configure and set the parameters of products that are equipped with the HAUTAU interface. The link between the mobile end device and the ConfigBox is established by a WiFi connection.

The shipment of the product includes all cables and adapters necessary for a quick and easy plug-in connection. Power is provided by an included power supply unit, which also makes it possible to perform a test run of the drives.

Example for use with the HAUTAU chain drive SKA 20 comfort drive

The ConfigTool is used as a configuration and operating interface for products that come with a HAUTAU interface and WiFi connectivity. The configuration and operating options depend on the product and may vary with the version number of the ConfigTool. The ConfigTool is a software application written for the Android and iOS operating system and can be obtained from the Google Play Store and the apple app store. The app can be used for free. It requires neither license fees nor the purchase of “credits”.

The ConfigTool provides the following options:
Operation – for controlling the essential features including: Opening and closing windows or sliding elements and setting the desired ventilation level.

Service – for configuring properties including the following: Setting network parameters and altering stroke speeds.

The ConfigTool is available from app stores free of charge:

Or as a download for Windows PCs with Windows 7 or higher:

Electric Drive for lift and slide elements HS comfort  drive

Notes and instructions for integration into radio and home automation solutions, as well as WLAN and IP networks