The LAN-Modul connects to established bus systems via LAN data transfer. The range of functions is dependent on the bus system used, the system integration of appropriate products and the use of compatible LAN gateways for data exchange with the HAUTAU LAN module.

• Integration of HAUTAU products into primary bus systems, thereby eliminating individual solutions

• Operation using a uniform user interface, resulting in user-friendly, convenient operation (depending of the used system)

• Networking of products from different manufacturers, including linkage of dependencies, such as temperature controlled ventilation based on time of day or presence*

• Top hat rail mounting, resulting in easier installation in control cabinets and distribution boxes

• Convenient configuration using WiFi and and smart phone instead of PC with USB cable connection

• No restriction on the maximum number of participants (HAUTAU products) in the network thanks to integration of multiple LAN modules with different addressing

Technical Data

Nominal Voltage: 24 V DC (-10 % / + 30 %)
Current consumption: max. 80 mA
Input: 1x Lüftungstaster, 1x Verriegelung, 1x freier Eingang
Relay outputs: 1x Öffnerkontakt (max. 30 V DC / 2 A), 1x Schließerkontakt (max. 30 V DC / 2 A)
Interface: 1x LAN (RJ45 Buchse), 1x KNX/IP (RJ45 Buchse)
suitable for SHE: nein
suitable for ventilation: ja
Display for operation and configuration: Ja, grüne LED
Button for configuration: ja, für Reset und WPS-Anmeldung
Encoding: ja, per WPA
Maße B x H x T (mm): 71 x 58 x 90
HAUTAU-Bus: Leitungslänge max. 300 m, Anzahl Teilnehmer 30 je LAN-Modul
Kompatible KNX Gateways: WEINZIERL Gateway Typ BAOS 771/WEINZIERL Gateway Typ BAOS 773

HAUTAU Smart Building is used to integrate HAUTAU products into the building envelope. It provides customised, needs-oriented opening and closing of slide elements, windows and flaps, and automated fan-assisted ventilation with convenient control on mobile terminal devices. It can be integrated into an existing on-site building management system (BMS) using HAUTAU interface solutions based on an Ethernet IP protocol and combined with safety systems for natural smoke and heat exhaust.

Example of use for integration in KNX

- KNX mapping is used to prepare the signals for communication in the network,
  so that they can be used accordingly.
- Interface KNX IP BAOS 771/773 Mapping
- Up to 250 objects can be recorded. With max. 30 HAUTAU devices, this corresponds to
  max. 8 KNX data points per device, whereby these can vary depending on the HAUTAU device detected.
- Mapping HAUTAU bus addresses to BAOS data points
- Connected HAUTAU bus devices must be parameterised to a HAUTAU bus address between 1 and 30.
  to a HAUTAU bus address.
  8 KNX data points are reserved for each HAUTAU bus device. This means that the HAUTAU bus
  addresses are assigned to the WEINZIERL KNX IP BAOS 771/773 data points.