The HAUTAU cooperation with mediola® and their unique mediola® product range transforms every home into a convenient, centrally operated smart home. With mediola® IoT & Smart Home solutions, devices from different manufacturers can be easily combined, automated and conveniently controlled via app and voice.

The central differentiating feature is the cross-standard and manufacturer-independent approach, with which devices can be connected across brand and technology boundaries to form a smart all-in-one solution.

The intelligent solutions combine the proprietary and non-compatible radio technology of many well-known manufacturers, such as Somfy, Hautau, Elero, Warema, Becker, Roto, Rehau, Internorm and many more*, with the widespread radio systems and standards such as Homematic IP, EnOcean, Z-Wave, ZigBee and wired systems such as KNX.

With mediola®, existing technology can be smartly retrofitted and networked with new radio standards and cloud services.


mediola® operating and configuration software


Free Smart Home App to control all new generation AIO GATEWAYs (V5 + & V6 series) as well as IP & Cloud devices that can be integrated via mediola Cloud Services.

More information at the cooperation partner mediola®


The professional solution for individual app design and compatible with IQONTROL NEO. All AIO GATEWAYs are supported, as well as other Smart Home control panels and many IP devices.

More information at the cooperation partner mediola®


The mediola® solutions IQONTROL NEO und AIO CREATOR NEO are compatibel with the following HAUTAU productsl:

Drive for lift and slide elements HS comfort drive
24 V chain drive SKA 20 comfort drive
24 V fanlight opener PRIMAT S kompakt 195
230 V fanlight opener PRIMAT E kompakt 195
24 V locking drive SM 2 comfort drive
24 V louvre drive SM 3 comfort drive
• Decentralized window fan VENTRA 301 E/N und 302 E/N
Compact unit RAZ K
• Multi-sensor MS
Output-Box 230 V

mediola® application example with HAUTAU products and the AIO CREATOR NEO app. This mediola® home automation does not require a mediola® gateway for the HAUTAU products. The HAUTAU WLAN box is integrated into the on-site router and receives the control commands directly from the mediola® AIO CREATOR NEO app.

If the MACO window sensor is to be integrated, a mediola® gateway with EnOcean functionality must be used. Click here for the gateways


• Control of HAUTAU HS comfort drive electric lift and slide panels
• Control of 24 V drives with HAUTAU interface
• Control of 230 V PRIMAT E kompakt 195 drives
• Control of VENTRA 302 E/N window fans
• Router mode using WPS integration of WiFi-Box
• Operation using a uniform user interface from the mediola company
• Option of interaction with third-party sensors and actuators using the mediola NEO app • Furt