Window automation

Smoke and heat exhaust control units

SHEV technology for stringent functional and safety requirements.

In the event of a fire, HAUTAU SHEV systems ensure alarms and smoke and heat ventilation are activated as fast as possible. more

24 V smoke and heat exhaust ventilation control panel (SHEV) to actuate windows for smoke removal and daily ventilation with a maximum current output of 4 A.

  • compact design in a surfacemounted (AP) or fl ushmounted (UP) PVC housing or a surfacemounted metal housing
  • for controlling windows to provide for smoke removal and daily ventilation
  • current output of 4 A in an SHE or ventilation group
  • versatile connection options for fi re pushbuttons, smoke detectors, ventilation pushbuttons and wind and rain sensors
  • displays indicating operating states and error messages
  • monitoring of fi re pushbuttons, smoke detectors and motor lines
  • integrated emergency power supply for 72hour emergency operation
  • design and function as specifi ed in the standards prEN 121019 and EN 1210110 applicable to the control unit and the power supply, respectively
  • SHE and ventilation function parameters can be confi gured using Confi gTool and Confi gBox

24 V smoke and heat exhaust ventilation control panel (SHEV) to actuate windows for smoke removal and daily ventilation with a current output between 8 A and 72 A.

  • Modular design with optional extension with RAZ 900 add-on modules.
  • Wide range of connection options for fire alarm buttons, smoke detectors, ventilation buttons and operating status and error message indicators.
  • Structured in one or more groups for SHEV and one or more ventilation groups as per structural requirements.
  • Monitoring of lines for cable breaks and short circuits.
  • Includes emergency power supply for operation over 72 hours.
  • Set-up and function as per prEN 12101-9 for the control device and EN 12101-10 for the power supply.
  • Manufactured in Germany in line with ISO 9001 and tested by TÜV Thüringen.

Accessories for SHEV control panels to trigger and reset SHEV signals manually and trigger them automatically in smoke and heat detectors. The fire alarm buttons meet the requirements for reliable trigger elements stipulated in prEN 12101-9 and are available in models with or without an integrated audible alarm component for SHEVs and malfunctions.

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