ATRIUM® HKS comfort

tilt and slide

The ATRIUM® HKS comfort for elements made of timber and PVC provides parallel sliding and tilting with buffered final positions while stop and tilt dampers minimise any spring-back.

Gentle closing reduces stress loads on components and ensures long durability.  
  • The functional component triggers simultaneous release of stays and slide mechanisms when closing the sash. The closure control features a tilt damping function to ensure that the panel moves quietly and gently into ist closed position.
  • The intuitive switching sequence analogous to turn-tilt windows makes the operation particularly user-friendly. When closing the sash, noise is minimised by the integrated stop dampers.
  • Once the window panel is installed, the sash reinforcement components can be easily readjusted to ensure precise closure fit and a uniform contact surface.
  • The extensible modular comfort solution means additional stop dampers can be fitted on request. This allows the damping level to be adjusted to meet individual requirements with regard to panel size and weight.
  • ATRIUM® HKS comfort is an optimised modular System and is based on the proved components of the ATRIUM® HKS system.
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