ATRIUM® HS comfort

HS comfort close/comfort stop

Gentle force and precision HAUTAU ATRIUM® comfort close/comfort stop

If you are looking for a gentle, precise solution, the HAUTAU ATRIUM® comfort close/comfort stop system is the champion more

The HAUTAU ATRIUM® comfort close system can be fitted into almost any lift and slide or slide-only systems irrespective of the frame material. Thanks to the system's slim design. A surface-mounted version ensures the system can also be retrofit at a later date. Manufacturers and developers benefit from this added value. HAUTAU high tech defines leading standards and is synonymous with a long-lasting quality service life and features which enthral.

The damping system HAUTAU ATRIUM® comfort stop gently decelerates the sash in the opening direction shortly before it reaches the end position and brings it to a standstill. The sash is then pushed further again for its maximum opening width. Comfort stop renders visible fitted sash buffer tops unnecessary, adding to visual appeal.

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