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ATRIUM® HS comfort

HS inviso gear

HAUTAU ATRIUM® HS inviso gear

The closing technology for the element is situated on the movable part, on the gear of the sash. more

The ATRIUM® HS espag with counter-rotation

HAUTAU is the only manufacturer to offer an espag with an integrated upward slide latch. The attachable latch is the ideal locking mechanism for all applications without a frame or other locking points.

HAUTAU offers a variety of espag variants and, consequently, a customised solution for every weight and application. The German company is the only hardware manufacturer to feature the reverse thrust espag with an upward slide latch for lift and slide systems in its product portfolio. This delivers many options for interior design.  No need to compromise on comfort and security even if there is no frame lock mechanism.

The ventilation locking position is freely selectable and thus allows for variable opening widths in the sash. The sash can be secured in the whole range of positions, from the trickle vent setting to the full opening width, and provides controlled air exchange in the room.

Security within your own four walls
The ATRIUM® HS espag with counter-rotation produces a change in the direction of locking. The lower locking point engages downwards while the top locking point closes upwards, preventing the sash from being lifted out. The espag thus enhances break-in and lift-out protection. Optional fitting with the slide latch provides even tighter security in the locking control for reliable opening surveillance. It is possible to connect to the existing alarm system.

The optional spring assembly with its spring thrust prevents any incorrect operation. This protects the mechanism, ensuring an extended service life and correct functioning for a long time.

For an enhanced appearance
Using the espag means there is no need for a bolt mount on the guide track in a Scheme C and Scheme G sash arrangement. The view through the lift and slide door is thus enhanced with no distracting hardware components spoiling the field of vision. The frame is easier to care for and eliminates a trip hazard.