Profile-dependent slide fitting


The profile-dependent slide fitting HAUTAU Alu-Move is synonymous with a tight seal, aesthetic design and easy operation.

The HAUTAU Alu-Move slide system moves window sashes ... more

Up to eight special slotted components on the window sash long sides ensure that the sash is pressed in and outwards at the same time. High contact pressure produces an extremely firm airtight seal. When closed, the slide fitting provides reliable protection against driving rain, high wind loads and noise, especially in multi-storey buildings. Separated sliding mechanisms or a guide groove and fitting groove impede thermal bridges, minimising energy loss and preventing condensation.

Fully concealed, the HAUTAU Alu-Move fitting mechanism blends harmoniously into the profile. The discreet, aesthetic appearance of the window sash remains intact. HAUTAU Alu-Move's low space requirement means minimum profile heights, thus giving more scope for ambitious window design.

ATRIUM® Alu-MOVE combines smooth motion with intuitive handling with no need to make subsequent sash adjustment. Fitted without altering the sash, high-grade slide mechanisms with linear ball bearings on a hardened axle ensure permanently smooth actuation and positioning movements. The embedded tilting technology smooths over uneven surfaces. Load-bearing components are protected when the window is operated since they are not actuated directly.

Using standard window handles ensures a uniform outward appearance matching other opening types such as turn and tilt elements. The anti-error mechanism prevents incorrect use, making the fitting user-friendly for many different users.

Simple handle activation places the sash in a parallel position with a gap of about 6 mm. This trickle vent guarantees uniform air exchange. The window is still fully secured by the locking system when placed in this venting position. This creates a natural, healthy indoor climate even when occupants are absent.

When closed, central stile hooks and mushroom pins lock the window sash against the slide direction, providing additional burglary protection.

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