Move PVC

The HAUTAU Move for PVC

This system moves sliding sashes up to 200 kg smoothly and effortlessly, even moving up to 250 kg in its tandem version. The sash is drawn into the frame at the side and retracted in a synchronised movement. The surrounding interlocking system ensures an extremely tight seal. HAUTAU Move’s robust presence makes it a trusty companion throughout a window’s entire service life. Its easy-installation processing and simple operation makes it suitable for universal use worldwide.  


With up to eight special slotted components on the window sash's long sides, the central locking gear ensures that the sash is pressed in and outwards in a synchronised movement. Extremely high contact pressure produces a surrounding seal. When closed, the fitting system provides reliable protection against noise, driving rain and high wind loads, especially in multi-storey buildings. Separated from the central locking gear groove, the sliding and fitting mechanisms prevent thermal bridges and, consequently, eliminate unnecessary energy losses. 

The HAUTAU Move fitting mechanism is quick and easy to process. The system ensures optimised warehousing thanks to its combination with the central locking gear and standard gear backset 15. The contact pressure on both the handle side and the central stile can be adjusted, even when the sash is in place. The handle-side latching components are height adjustable and already include a rubber buffer to ensure smooth closing. Pre-settings reduce the installation work once in the building. There is no longer a need to make extensive settings on the construction site, thus saving time.

The HAUTAU Move unites permanent sleek motion, intuitive handling and maximum durability. Fitted without a need to alter the sash, high-grade slide mechanisms with linear ball bearings on a hardened axle ensure permanently smooth actuation and positioning movements, even for heavy sashes. The embedded tilting technology smooths over uneven surfaces with aplomb. Load-bearing components are protected when the window is operated since they are not actuated directly. Using window handles 160 mm long ensures a harmonious appearance matching other opening types such as turn and tilt systems. Fully concealed, the fitting mechanism blends neatly into the profile. The aesthetic appearance of the window sash remains intact. HAUTAU Move’s low space requirement means minimum profile heights, thus giving greater scope for ambitious window design. 


Simple handle activation places the sash in a parallel position with a gap of 6 mm. The surrounding gap opening position guarantees steady air exchange. The window is still fully secured by the locking system when placed in this venting position. This creates a natural, healthy indoor climate, even when occupants are absent.

Mushroom-head pins lock the window sash in the direction of sliding. Solid middle locking bottoms ensure effective anti-lift protection.
The HS ThermoTop® ensures optimum isothermal gradients not just on the sliding sash but also on the fixed part. Thermal bridges are prevented. Even if the outside temperature falls to -15 °C, the surface temperature on the threshold itself is still over 10 °C. It features optimum Uf values: 1.29 W/m2K (fixed sash) and 1.43 W/m2K (slide sash). That means no condensation build-up (with outdoor temperatures as low as -15 C°).

A modular design allows the HAUTAU ThermoTop® threshold to be very easily adjusted to greater installation depths, thus ensuring it is eminently suitable for optimally heat-insulated profile systems. This provides a perfect combination for reducing heating costs.