PRIMAT – tilt and flap

PRIMAT fanlight openers

PRIMAT provides the appropriate solution for every shape of fanlight.

Round, oval or angular the system opens inwards or outwards, to suit your requirements, one, two and three-section tilt windows, flat arches, round arches. more
  • for windows made of wood, PVC and aluminium or steel
  • opening 190 mm
  • sash weight max. 80 kg

Fresh air all round!

Staircases and entrance halls tend not to be ventilated very much.
However, you should be aware that coats and floor washing result in a build-up of moisture which can result in mould formation. Permanent ventilation is not a problem in such spaces as they are usually not heated much. The optimum opening system here is a turn and tilt or fanlight window. The latter can conveniently be operated by a lever when within manual reach.

The use of spindle drives or, alternatively, electric drives is recommended for maximum convenience and to allow infinitely variable adjustment of the opening width.

The HAUTAU PRIMAT range has answers to almost all problems!