TORNADO – pivot and turn

TORNADO pivot sash fittings

TORNADO pivot sash fittings

The TORNADO pivot fitting is used to install round and rectangular horizontally pivoting windows up to 200 kg in weight and with a sash width up to 2.35 m and a sash height up to 2.2 m with an unimpeded view through up to 5 m² of glass! more
  • for windows made of wood or PVC
  • simple operation
  • two-way ventilation
  • sash weights up to 200 kg

Keeping a clear view

Pivot sash windows combine perfect technology and an elegant appearance with optimum functioning and especially convenient operation. The window can be opened or closed again with an all-round seal with a single movement.

A window which really meets the ever-growing calls for an unimpeded view and customised room ventilation. The high load capacity of this fitting makes it possible to design windows with a large expanse of glass. They maintain the contact with the outside world, even when the window is closed, with a large glass area which guarantees a clear view. To clean the window, simply pivot the sash through 180° into the room.

You won't get out of breath!

Around 10 litres of water are added to the room air daily by the breathing of an average family of four, use of the bathroom and housework. That's why rooms used for special purposes, such as kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, also require special ventilation concepts.
The pivot sash window gives you regulatable ventilation to suit all requirements in rooms, from the smallest night vent to intense and thorough ventilation.

This enables the room to be thoroughly ventilated in short spells without wasting energy as a result of permanent trickle ventilation. Used, warm air rises and exits via the upper window opening. Fresh, colder air flows through the lower opening to takes its place. The ventilation cycle comes full circle. You can prevent the window from being opened too far, for example in a child's room, by means of an adjustable restrictor.