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HAUTAU has engineered, manufactured and sold all of their construction fittings for windows and window doors as high-quality fittings since 1910. We continuously train our associates in all quality assurance matters and make our suppliers part of our quality assurance system as well. HAUTAU has been consistently certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1995. The certification applies to all areas of our company.

Quality begins with product development. Key to our success is our know-how, obtained over a period of decades, modern CAD technology, as well as a high degree of creativity. These components are at the heart of our ability to keep our products state-of-the-art and to create new impulses for future developments of new fitting products. Thanks to our own constant production inspections and product tests as well as external inspections – certified by RAL quality seals and TÜV construction sample inspections – our partners in the marketplace can be sure to always receive products of the highest possible quality.

The HAUTAU brand is an international household name and widely known for, among other things, window fittings and window-related building automation solutions that are made of superior quality. Our customers count on the functionality and benefit we promise them. Window manufacturers, specialist fitting dealers and system partners around the world make the most of the image and esteem our solutions enjoy. Customers put their trust in the assurances and values the name HAUTAU epitomises. Ranking highest among these values are quality made in Germany and on-time delivery. All services we render rely on the performance of people whose promises need to be kept at all times. Specialising in sliding and automation systems used in windows, HAUTAU serves a very specific market. Engineering solutions that satisfy the most diverse requirements and mastering their variations are our key competencies. This is a feat that we continue to pull off every day despite the growing complexity of the requirements. Our long-standing partners are aware and appreciative of this capability.

Made in Germany by HAUTAU.

We want you to be comfortable with us and our products. As a reliable and expert partner we create trust.

By providing customized solutions of the highest quality.