Ventilation, control & movement


For stringent functional and safety requirements.

Natural window ventilation and customised configuration including smoke and heat exhaust ventilations systems

Natural ventilation combined with state-of-the-art drive technology
We offer ventilation and exhaustion solutions that are optimised for and tailored to your specific requirements in terms of window size, type of opening mechanisms and ventilation needs.

Smoke and heat exhaust (SHE) systems
In the event of a fire, smoke and heat exhaust equipment made by HAUTAU immediately triggers an alarm and dissipates both heat and smoke.

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Flexible and effective

Our strengths are our solutions for your individual requirements.

Expertise based on experience

Our decades of expertise and our creativity form the basis for the quality in our products.

Your reliable partner

Our uppermost concern is your satisfaction and your trust in us as your reliable partner.

Slide solutions and more for your building

Manual and automated systems for windows and façades

Every building is unique. We provide solutions for all individual requirements for hardware and building automation for the building envelope. As a slide specialist, we will ensure your comfort. The HAUTAU house shows you the options available for balcony or terrace doors, windows, façades, or smoke and heat exhaust ventilation in stairways.

For more protection
Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation technology

In the event of a fire, HAUTAU SHEV systems ensure alarms and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation are activated as fast as possible. Systems can be triggered by smoke or heat detectors or fire alarm buttons. The HAUTAU interface on the compact control panel guarantees easy, convenient configuration and incorporation into the HAUTAU Smart Building world.

For more universality
Chain drives SKA and EKA

Thanks to their compact dimensions and different models, HAUTAU chain drives are suitable for use in smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems and natural ventilation through automated windows. Drives are remote-controlled using buttons or from a building management control panel.  Customised solutions are available to match the window size, opening types and ventilation requirements. Automatic air-conditioning is implemented conveniently using 24 V or 230 V SKA and EKA drive technology, activated depending on the time, temperature and relative humidity and wind speed, or if it starts raining.

More details on SHEV systems
More details on chain drives SKA and EKA

For more peace and quiet
The PRIMAT kompakt 195 electric fanlight opener

Its whisper-quiet presence and smooth-running performance set it apart. Its slender design is eminently suitable for ultra-slim façade structures. Connection to the window's central lock guarantees greater burglary protection and contact pressure. The HAUTAU interface ensures the fitting can be integrated into the HAUTAU Smart Building world.

Electrical fanlight opener PRIMAT kompakt (24 V)
Electrical fanlight opener PRIMAT kompakt (230 V)

For more freedom
The ATRIUM® HS  lift and slide system

moves panels up to 440 kg and adapts to any challenge. Access becomes barrier-free with the ATRIUM® HS threshold. The HS safe anti-lift protection ensures heightened burglary protection. Heavy panels are gently and precisely operated with its comfort mechanism.

For more appeal
Comfort drive technology

The drive generation with comfort drive technology is synonymous with whisper-quiet operation and convenient operation. Time-tested solutions for opening and closing windows are combined with new solutions using WLAN with smartphone and tablets becoming central control units. An app is available for all Android and Apple iOS users to provide simple operation and optional configuration for all devices featuring the HAUTAU interface.

ATRIUM HS - lift and slide
comfort drive technology

For more security
The ATRIUM® SP comfort parallel-retract-slide system

This fitting system stands out due to its unique soft-close mechanism and secure trickle vent. This means that rooms can be conveniently and safely ventilated even when you are not at home. The ATRIUM®SP comfort unites all advantages of standard slide systems, combining it with comfortable user-friendliness. Its intuitive operation reliably prevents incorrect handling. With just one turn of the hand, the sash is unlocked, opened and easily moved.

ATRIUM® SP comfort – retract and slide

Smart Building
HAUTAU Smart Building provides customised, needs-based opening and closing of slide elements, windows and flaps, and fan-assisted ventilation with convenient control on mobile terminal devices.

Tablets and smartphones become a central control panel thanks to the HAUTAU ConfigTool app and the HAUTAU wireless access point.

Smart Building

For more efficiency
The TORNADO pivot sash fitting

The TORNADO allows large, round and rectangular pivot windows weighing up to 200 kg to be installed. This fascinatingly simple way of ventilating requires little space and looks elegant in any position.

TORNADO pivot sash fitting

For more fresh air
The VENTRA® window fan

The VENTRA® allows windows to breathe, thus ensuring a permanent supply of fresh air for living spaces when the windows are closed. Thanks to its integrated heat exchanger, it offers a reliable, energy-efficient ventilation solution. The VENTRA®'s compact design and concealed installation mean it does not detract from the building's architecture. The HAUTAU interface ensures the fitting can be integrated into the HAUTAU Smart Building world to enhance user convenience with smartphone and tablet operation.

VENTRA® window fan

For more flexibility
The PRIMAT fanlight opener

Round, oval or angular – the system opens inwards or outwards to suit your requirements for one-, two- and three-section tilt windows, flat arches and round arches. It is particularly suitable for opening and closing elements which are not within your reach. Different operation element types such as hand levers or spindle gears create a scope of options. It is possible to link to a central lock mechanism to ensure optimum security and contact pressure.

PRIMAT fanlight opener

For more comfort
The ATRIUM® HS comfort drive electric lift and slide fitting

This fitting combines the classic lift and slide fitting with an ultra-modern electric drive. With a new class of motor and intelligent controls, it automatically lifts and slides panels effortlessly with sashes weighing up to 330 kg. The straightforward electric connections and modular design ensure that it also impresses when it comes to processing and installation.

ATRIUM® HS comfort drive electric lift and slide fitting