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The functional principle behind natural ventilation is rooted in an exchange of air with thermal lift that is brought about by temperature difference, air pressure difference on the building’s outer shell and wind pressure.

Other benefits of natural ventilation include its high degree of user acceptance and the low costs of investment and consumption. The different types of natural ventilation can be grouped into the categories of one-sided ventilation / shock ventilation, cross ventilation and upflow ventilation.  

Natural ventilation is implemented by windows, dampers or skylight domes. The dampers are opened and closed manually (by hand) or automatically (by electric drive).
Only automated natural ventilation offers such advanced options as automatic opening and closing based on time, the quality of the air in the room, temperature, and humidity.

Drives, commonly also referred to as motors, make it possible to open and close windows electrically. Drives fall into the two main categories of 230 V AC and 24 V DC solutions.

230 V solutions can be seamlessly controlled via the building’s own 230 V power supply. 24 V solutions offer the added benefit of working well together with smoke and heat exhaust systems as they can also be operated with batteries (battery packs), making them suitable for operation in emergency power mode. HAUTAU’s portfolio includes solutions for both of these operating voltages. The following HAUTAU products can be incorporated into window automation systems:

  • Scissor drives
  • Chain drives
  • Spindle drives
  • Lockings

Each drive offers its own unique advantages that vary with the type of the window and the weight of the window as well as with the desired opening width. As part of their automated and manual control range HAUTAU offers the following products capable of providing natural ventilation when used in combination with a building automation system:

  • Wind and rain sensors
  • Ventilation pushbuttons
  • Ventilation control units modular and expandable
  • Multisensor for temperature, humidity and air quality
  • Power supply units
  • Operation by smartphone and tablet about HAUTAU’s WLAN solutions